Tuesday, August 9, 2011

About Lion Recovery Disk Assistant


About Lion Recovery Disk Assistant

Built right into OS X Lion, Lion Recovery lets you repair disks or reinstall OS X Lion without the need for a physical disc.
The Lion Recovery Disk Assistant lets you create Lion Recovery on an external drive that has all of the same capabilities as the built-in Lion Recovery: reinstall Lion, repair the disk using Disk Utility, restore from a Time Machine backup, or browse the web with Safari.
Note: In order to create an external Lion Recovery using the Lion Recovery Assistant, the Mac must have an existing Recovery HD.
To create an external Lion Recovery, download the Lion Recovery Disk Assistant application. Insert an external drive, launch the Lion Recovery Disk Assistant,  select the drive where you would like to install, and follow the on screen instructions.
When the Lion Recovery Disk Assistant completes, the new partition will not be visible in the Finder or Disk Utility. To access Lion Recovery, reboot the computer while holding the Option key. Select Recovery HD from the Startup Manager.
For detailed information on this update, please visit: About Lion Recovery Disk Assistant.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Google Search Personalization

How To Disable Google’s Personalization Of Search Results
It’s never been a secret that Google uses your personal information (web history and browser data) by default to personalize your search results. Basically what it means is that what you see for some Google searches is (slightly) different from what other people see for the same searches.
You may like the feature (but want to switch it off for some searches) or you may want to disable it completely – it’s up to you and your purposes.

Help articles › Managing and using Google products › Web History › Basics
Web History offers you more relevant search results and recommendations based on your web activity, providing you with a more personalized experience on Google.

To access your Web History, visit http://www.google.com/history
[My Web History seems to go back to Jan 2006]

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

YouTube - YouTube 101: How to Upload

YouTube - YouTube 101: How to Upload